As a means of promoting competent project management in Denmark we emphasize the importance of maintaining and developing a wide, international network and of receiving and communicating impulses from our environment.

IPMA, International Project Management Association
We have been a member and an active partner of this organisation since the establishment of the first Danish Association in 1975. IPMA is our primary, international contact - also because it forms the basis for the IPMA Certification.

NORDNET, the Network for Project Associations in Scandinavia was established in 1981 - and since then it has been a source for inspiration and renewal. This includes especially Norway and Sweden - we have a close cooperation with both countries about IPMA Certification and National Competence Baseline.

ICEC, International Const Engeneering Council which we also have represented in Denmark for many years - to promote that systematic financial control is regarded and executed as an integrated part of competent project management.