Find your most suitable education

IPMA Registration® is made to help project managers choose which open project management education programme is most suitable for that person. The system can by companies be used to choose possible partners for running internal educations in project management.

The system shows your possibilities to develop your competencies in method application and leadership behaviour based on the self-assessment tool "Competencies in Project Management", which is also being used by IPMA Certification® of project managers. "Competencies in Project Management" is the Scandinavian National Competence Baseline (NCB), and is a specification of IPMAs Competence Baseline (ICB).

It is not necessary that you have used the tool your self to score your current or expected competencies in advance, but it can be a good basis.

To give you an overview of the offered educations in project management and their content, the Overview shows you which competence elements each education emphasizes.

Through IPMA Registration the association verifies that the competence elements are dealt with at the indicated level.